From the Minister

At the start of a new decade, it’s inevitable to look back and to look ahead too. I will, largely leave this to the media, who love to fill pages and airtime with such things. But it feels irresistible to focus for a moment on this point at which we find ourselves. We move into 2020 and the 20s having a new government with a clear majority; we are about to leave the European Union; and all of this to the backdrop of a climate emergency which it seems is not being addressed by us. Interesting times.

If ever we needed Jesus, it is now. If ever we needed to be guided by the Holy Spirit, it is now. If ever we needed to trust in God, it is now.
In 2020 and beyond, as at all times, whenever we might call the time “now”, we should mean what we say and sing and read about following Jesus and stay rooted and grounded in what we gain from reading the Bible and living the Jesus way. Our world needs us to do this. Our God needs us to do this.

So, in 2020, with all of its potential joys, sorrows, certainties and uncertainties – how much are we going to live by the values that Jesus set out for us and the Spirit guides us with?

God bless.