From the Minister

I have always felt that there is a danger that we have made Christianity seem like something that lacks mystery and wisdom.
People pursue other religious and spiritual routes because they can often give the impression of being much more interesting. It is true that ever since being a follower of Jesus became the official faith of the Roman Empire in the 4th Century, we have lost our radical edge and something of our role of wisdom from the margins. And yet: we have the words of life; we have mystery; we have the key to eternal life; we have amazing deeds of miraculous power; and we have wisdom.

As a people we underplay too many of these things. As a people we very much underplay the fact that we have running through our faith the wisdom of ancient teachings. In the words of Jesus, for instance those that Matthew records in what we call the Sermon on the Mount, we have such strength and depth in guiding how we should live both together and as individuals. We have ancient wisdom that speaks into our hearts, challenges us and urges us on to live as more rounded individuals: loving enemies, not judging, not worrying and so much more. We neglect it our peril.

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring some of this ancient wisdom in our Sunday morning services, not just for the sake of it but so we can live better, more Godly lives. I invite you to take up this opportunity to access this ancient wisdom.

God Bless.