From The Minister

“Sing for joy to the LORD, all the earth; praise him with songs and shouts of joy” Psalm

This Christmas, in spite of grim things happening around us and for many, in our own lives. In spite of the struggle that life can be. In spite of the confusion and uncertainty of Brexit and the ever-deepening dangers of climate change. In spite of our experiences of loss and pain, of illness and sadness… I hope that we can experience at the very very least, something of the joy that Christmas brings. Isaac Watts, in his great hymn, proclaims “Joy to the world” because our King has come, so we should make room in our hearts. “Let every heart prepare Him room”.

We need joy in our lives: it is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Joy makes life bearable; actually it makes life enjoyable! The angels announced good news that would bring joy to all people (Luke 2:10). Jesus is this good news and I hope that in the midst of all that we do and all that happens to us, we are able to experience something of the joy that having Jesus in our lives can bring. And Christmas is a very good place for us to start opening up to this “Joy to the world”.

God Bless.