From the Minister

One of the things that we are seeing in the unravelling Brexit story is that it divides and unites beyond and in spite of party lines. As a general rule I try not to use the voice that I am given through my role in church to make party-political points.  So I offer these thoughts as a way of us processing and speaking into the situation:-

I believe that Brexit, because of the reasons people voted as they did and the issues that our leaders are grappling with, is a moral issue. It affects how we live alongside our neighbours. How we approach it reflects our values.

I am struggling to see how retreating from closer relationships with sisters and brothers from continental Europe is in keeping with the overriding Gospel message of love and coming together and I am alarmed that Brexit has released more hatred and disunity and how all of this impacts our diverse church and community.

I am troubled that most balanced views I hear/read are stating that whatever way we leave the EU, our economy will be adversely affected. This also impacts on us as individuals, our community, the level of need that we feel called to respond to. 

Our God, who is bigger than Brexit, can help us to get out of the mess! 

We need to pray for wisdom for all who hold political power in this process.

We need to pray that God will help us to restore and rebuild what is broken and to be people who actively show love and seek to build good relationships here in Erdington.

We need to pray that whatever happens, good will come.
Again and again throughout the Bible we see God rebuilding, restoring, reshaping in spite of the mess that people have created.

God will do this again, but He needs us to be active partners in this work.

God bless.