Resurrection Stories 3. 22 April 2018

“Believing” Thomas. John 20: 19-29

Usually we call him doubting Thomas. And yet he cries “My Lord and my God!”. He needs a different way to encounter the risen Jesus. Jesus offers him a multi-sensory/touchy-feely/scientific way of finding out for himself. So, read this and permit yourself to believe in the way that works for you so that you can say with Thomas: “My Lord and my God!”
Are there any areas in your faith where you need to explore a little bit more/where you need more proof?
And then look at what the object of our faith has to say when He arrives in the room! Jesus “stood among them and said, “Peace be with you.” (v.26).

What greetings do we offer to people? What do we bring into each situation? Is it peace?