September 2017

If all goes to plan, on 30th September our current church, Erdington (Six Ways) Baptist Church, will no longer exist. On that day it is our intention to formally transfer all that this church owns and all that makes it what it is, into the care of our new incorporated body: Six Ways Erdington Baptist Church. We hope this will be the end of this very detailed process and what we know is that it will enable the church to be a legally responsible body, as opposed to individual deacons being legally accountable. It will mean that we are a registered charity.

Life in the church will continue unaffected by the change.
For instance, Castle Vale Baptist Church will remain a part of our church, as it is not yet a separate entity. All of our activities and services will continue as before.

And very importantly, according to the new constitution, the principal purpose of the new church, as with the current/old church is:
“The advancement of the Christian faith according to the principles of the Baptist denomination.”

Yours, lovingly, in Christ Jesus.