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4th November 2018

In a change to our usual sermon this week we have Rachael’s testimony as prepares to enter the waters of baptism.


9th September 2018

Pastor Gerard talks about the true nature of Jesus as outlined in John 1 1-18


5th August 2018

An excerpt from All Age Worship: a talk by Pastor Gerard about the instruction of Jesus to not worry Matthew 6: 25-34


29th July 2018

Pastor Gerard continues his series on the Sermon on the Mount: This week Matthew 6: 19-21 &24


22nd July 2018

Pastor Gerard talks about the need to love our enemies as instructed by Jesus in Matthew 5: 43-48


1st July 2018

Some extracts from our “All Age Worship” led by Martha our intern on the topic of God’s love being at the heart of what we do.


24th June 2018

2 Timothy 3: 10-17 – Pastor Gerard continues this short series on the fundamentals of our faith.


17th June 2018

1 Corinthians 11: 17-34 – Pastor Gerard talks about the importance of understanding the role of Communion in the Baptist tradition.