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We return to recording and uploading our sermons after an extended summer break.

13th October 2019

Richard Reddie, the Director of Justice and Inclusion at Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, is our visiting speaker at this special Sunday when we celebrate becoming a Church of Sanctuary. In his speech he talks about the importance of the tale of the Good Samaritan and how we need to behave like him.



28th July 2019

Continuing our look at Moses this week Pastor Gerard talks about the Ten Commandments as recorded in Exodus 20


30th June 2019

Trudy Butterworth talks about the gifts of the Spirit as recounted by Paul in Galatians 5: 22-26


23rd June 2019

Pastor Gerard continues to delve into the New Testament writings on the Holy Spirit,. This week looking at 1 Corinthians 12.


16th June 2019

Pastor Gerard continues to talk about the Holy Spirit, following the introduction on Pentecost Sunday. Using a series of readings from John John’s Gospel: 14:15-17; 14: 25-27; 15: 26 – 27; 16:5-15


9th June 2019

Pastor Gerard shares a message for Pentecost Sunday


5th May 2019

A short extract from all-age worship about the encounter on the road to Emmaus


14th April 2019

Steve Bagnell from Birmingham City Mission shares his testimony and talks about some of the work of BCM


31st March 2019

Mothering Sunday: Morine Burrell-Banton talks about the love of a mother and how all we need to exhibit these characteristics


17th March 2019

Micah 6 continued… the tale of the Good Samaritan shows the importance Jesus placed on loving kindness


10th March 2019

Pastor Gerard expands on one of the topics introduced last week, namely that of what it means to “do Justice”


3rd March 2019

An extract from our All-age worship about Micah 6


24th February 2019

Daniel 6: Keith Gordan, a deacon, looks at Daniel in the Lion’s den.


17th February 2019

Daniel 3: In this short series on Daniel Pastor Gerard considers the responsibility for servants of God.


10th February 2019

Daniel 2: A look at Daniel and the motivation and the results of what others might call his unreasonable behaviour


27th January 2019

Fast forward 12 years and we find the young Jesus scaring his parents by staying in the Temple and already asking questions.


20th January 2019

Due to the actions of Herod, Jesus was a refugee. What should we take from the Message of Matthew 2/


13th January 2019

The presentation of Jesus in the temple. Luke 22: 9 – 34/